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Zuberfizz Cola - 12 pack

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Zubberfizz Cola has a scent that is reminiscent of Pepsi, with a tinge of cinnamon. Soda's a treat -- so treat it like one, and buy the best. Zuberfizz is hand-crafted in individual batches, and bottled with care by the guys that started the company, along with help from their team. They care about the final product; that care shows in every step of the process, and you can taste the difference. That seems about right for a treat.

Zubberfizz Cola Features:

  • It's soda with altitude, crafted in the heart of Historic Downtown Durango, Colorado, at 6512 feet
  • Each batch is handcrafted in small quantities with fresh Rocky Mountain water
  • Sweetened with pure cane sugar
  • 12 ounce glass bottles to preserve flavor

About the Durango Soda Company
Durango Soda Company, Inc. was founded in January of 2002. Their idea was to manufacture traditional sodas that existed decades ago by using the best ingredients and packaging available. The most important ingredient used in Zuberfizz sodas is pure cane sugar. Large companies have abandoned pure cane sugar to cut costs by using high-fructose corn syrup. It has been shown that this new widely-used ingredient is difficult to metabolize and is the leading cause of obesity and diabetes among Americans. Pure cane sugar also tastes much better. Every ingredient used in Zuberfizz sodas is of the highest quality.

Packaging and the environment are also of importance to Durango Soda Company. They use glass bottles for all of Zuberfizz sodas. The old "heritage" twist-top bottle contributes to the look and feel of traditional sodas. Glass containers not only help preserve flavor, but are easier on the environment.

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