Boylan Orange Soda - 12 pack

Boylan Bottleworks

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Product Overview

Boylan Orange Soda has a truly unique, standout flavor in a sea of commercial lollipop-type orange sodas. Boylan Orange Soda is refreshing and less sweet, with a distinctive, tangerine-like citrus flavor that will change the way you think about orange soda. It's great any time of day, even for breakfast!

Characteristics of Boylan Orange Soda:

  • Handcrafted soda since 1891.
  • Made with pure cane sugar and natural flavors.
  • Thick glass bottles perfectly preserve flavor, freshness and carbonation, making for a markedly superior tasting product.
  • 12 ounce glass bottles.

Tastes great with:
We love Boylan Orange Soda with so many Southern delicacies, but nothing feels quite so right as a picnic basket with some Southern Fried Chicken and a cooler full of Boylan Orange Soda. And if the waistband still has a little give, bring along vanilla ice cream (the richer and creamier the better!) for some Orange & Creamsicle Floats!

Boylan Bottleworks Vintage Soda Pop
Manufacturers of sparkling beverages since 1891.
Boylan Bottleworks produces authentic "Soda Pop". The Boylan Bottling Company, still family owned and operated, has been formulating and producing bold flavored beverages from it's authentic original recipes for over 100 years. Boylan still uses only pure cane sugar, and thick glass bottles to ensure freshness and proper levels of carbonation. Boylan has never compromised their product by cutting cost and switching to corn syrup or plastic bottles. By drinking a Boylan soda you are supporting one of the oldest bottling companies and its authentic beverages of a bygone Era.

With their unique, bold flavors, Boylan vintage soda pops are best savored, not slugged down. They are, in other words, a party in your mouth compared to most carbonated soft drinks. Each bottle, which is a celebratory taste experience, makes Boylan perfect for special occasions - from social gatherings, dining out or just a reward for a hard day's work.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review