Derr's Orange Pineapple Soda - 12 pack

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Derr's Orange Pineapple Soda Pop has a subtle fruit flavor, without tasting watered-down. A flavor that is reminiscent of the sodas your grandfather probably drank makes this soda a premium choice for everyday drinking. As good as it has been for over 100 years.

Features of Derr's Orange Pineapple Soda Pop:

  • Made with original family-secret recipes
  • Since 1889 in Boonville, Indiana
  • Caffeine free
  • Sweetened with sugar
  • 12 ounce glass bottles

Derr's Soda HistoryThe original Derr family business, Boonville Bottling Works, on 5th Street in Boonville, Indiana.
Since 1889 in Boonville, Indiana
Derr'’s Inc., which was for many years, the oldest and only continuous bottling plant in Indiana, began operation in 1889. Charles Derr, the last owner, represented the third generation of the Derr Family to operate the business, which was founded by his grandfather; John Derr, Sr.

The recipes for the syrups have always been a guarded family secret. Some of the original soft drinks included Derr'’s Coke, Derr’s Dry, Strawberry, Orange, Orange Pineapple, Grape, Cream Soda, and Root Beer, but there were many others. Derr'’s Dry and Derr’'s Strawberry were always two favorites.

After 106 years of operation, the business was closed in 1992. For the next 17 years, people reminisced about how they used to love to drink Derr’s sodas on a hot summer day and longed for that taste again. Then in 2008, Pauline Hull Derr (Charles’ widow) gifted the secret syrup formulas over to Joe Derr, Jr. and John Derr and a new company under the name of C. A. Derr and Company was formed. Now, a fourth generation of the Derr family is bringing Derr’s vintage sodas to customers …new and old …using the same formulas that have proven successful for over 100 years.

“Derr' Soda Since 1889 - Now at SummitCitySoda.comA Derr’'s' Family Tradition for Over 125 Years!”



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  • 5
    Oh, I wish I had some now!

    Posted by Donna Bethel Dougan - July 2014 on Sep 18th 2015

    When I was a teenager I worked at the Dairy Prince in Chandler, IN. People came from miles around to get triple scoop strawberry cones, large shakes, & tall drinks all made with Derr's Sodas.

  • 5

    Posted by Kerrie Tuley-Aponte – July 2014 on Sep 18th 2015

    The BEST Strawberry soad made!

  • 5
    Makes the Best Floats

    Posted by Margaret Nord Young - May 2013 on Sep 18th 2015

    I haven't had Derr's soda in years. When I was a kid the Holmans & Derrs (Indy 500 Holman's) came to our farm to hunt almost every Thanksgiving weekend. They would bring my dad a case of beer and brought us kids a case of Derr's soda. The strawberry made the best floats. I rarely get to Boonville now so I'll have to make a special trip there for the strawberry & orange soda, my two favorites. But I liked them all.

  • 5
    Aww childhood

    Posted by Donna Simpson Hershey June 30, 2012 on Sep 18th 2015

    Nothing better than a Derr' strawberry poured over some vanilla ice cream...aww childhood. Pineapple & cream soda were my favorites.

  • 5
    Can't wait to order more.

    Posted by Marian Young on Sep 18th 2015

    What a great memory from my past. I can remember this was the only soft drink served at our house. I don't even think I knew about coke for many years.

  • 5
    A Special Treat

    Posted by Leon Hadley on Sep 18th 2015

    I will never forget as long as I live. When I was a kid (early 1940's) we would get a special treat once in a while. Ice cream in a glass and pour Derr's strawberry over it. I can still taste it.

  • 5
    It was sooooo goooood.

    Posted by Gary Woolsey on Sep 18th 2015

    I grew up across the street from Derr's bottling works. Nothing was better than getting to go inside the plant and watch them bottle the sodas. Except for when they would hand you a bottle of hot pop off the was sooooo goooood.

  • 5
    Like Being a Kid Again

    Posted by Jonett Ferguson Wimsatt - Rockport, IN on Sep 18th 2015

    Drinking a bottle of Derr's Soda is like being a kid again. It's the one thing that has stayed the same, just as tasty as ever. Thank you much for bringing it back into our lives!