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III Dachshunds Old Fashion Root Beer - 12 pack

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III Dachshunds Old Fashion Root Beer gets its name from the brew master's own three dogs, but don?t let the name fool you, this is not one for the dogs. III Dachshunds Root Beer has a very sweet caramel flavor on the initial contact that quickly with the standard root beer sassafras and some creamy vanilla. There are also accents of wintergreen and other spices to complete the brew. While it isn't super carbonated, it will still build a small yet frothy head when poured into a glass if that's how you prefer your root beer.

III Dachshunds Old Fashion Root Beer

  • "Time for a treat!" the label proclaims!
  • Sweet classic root beer flavor with a giant foamy head
  • Just the right flavors of sassafras, caramel, vanilla and hints of wintergreen
  • Dachshunds Beer Company in Cudahy, Wisconsin
  • Sweetened with Sugar
  • Brewed 12 ounce glass bottles

Dachshund "Badger Hound" 
The Dachshund is the most popular of all the small dog breeds. Like soda, they come in different colors, coats, sizes and share one common gene-the gene that gives them the ability to bring a smile to everyone's face! They are both small in stature, but large in personality. Hunting small game is what the now popular lap dog was originally bred for. III Dachshunds' goal is to carry on the bold nature of the breed and provide quality hand-crafted beverages.

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