Ramblin' Maple Root Beer - 12 pack

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Product Overview

Old School Smooth
Ramblin’ Maple Root Beer is a perfect combination of our smooth root beer with a rich maple flavor, giving you that classic Ramblin’ taste with a little somethin’ more. Keep on Ramblin’! 

  • Ramblin' Root Beer with Rich Maple Flavor
  • First Ramblin' Root Beer commercial featured a cameo by a young Sarah Jessica Parker 
  • Famous Jingle “Ramblin’ Root Beer’s Something More!”
  • 12 ounce glass bottles


Ramblin’ Root Beer History
Ramblin' Root Beer was a root beer introduced by The Coca-Cola Company in 1979. The vintage brand’s first commercial featured a very young Sarah Jessica Parker in full “Annie” attire making an early career cameo (see video below).  And the accompanying jingle (“Ramblin’ Root Beer’s Something More!”) would be stuck in American minds for years to come (see video below).  After Coca-Cola bought Barq’s Root Beer in the mid-1990s, they discontinued Ramblin’. It’s been brought back to life better then ever by the Monarch Beverage Company.

Sara Jessica Parker in Ramblin Root Beer Commercial


(No reviews yet) Write a Review