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Featuring Old, New & Cool Sodascold-drinks-here.png

What started as a memory has become our mission. When you think of drinking soda pop as a little kid, those are always good memories. Our mission is to reunite you with the hard to find sodas of your childhood and introduce the next generation of regional gourmet craft sodas and sparkling beverages.

Our Sodas make people smile... They are in pretty glass bottles, lots of times with original vintage logos on the packaging, and they are made with pure fizzy goodness.

We love to feature sodas from family owned bottlers who believe that soda should be made from just a few ingredients—pure water, real cane sugar, and premium flavors using recipes handed down through several generations and bottled on 1940’s-era equipment. Not from a can, not from plastic, just soda made the way it is supposed to be. Where you can taste the old-school awesome in every American-made sip!

Tracking down retro and small-batch sodas is our passion and we add new sodas weekly, so sign up for our newsletter and follow us on facebook or twitter. If you have a request please let us know at SummitCitySoda@gmail.com. Whether it is an award winning micro brewed soda, old-fashioned gourmet root beer or a vintage brand that brings up the nostalgia of yesteryear, we want to help you find your smile in a bottle.

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