O-So Orange Soda - 12 pack

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Product Overview

O-SO Orange Soda is sweet and tart with the right amount of citrus.

Established in 1946, O-SO started as an independent soft drink company based in Chicago, IL. By the end of the decade the company had a network of bottlers in nearly every metropolitan market in the country. Originally famous for its O-SO Grape flavor, the company added many new flavors and incorporated the lines “O-SO Good” and “O-SO Delicious” into its sales and marketing materials. 

Now, the brand - —complete with puffy logo and old-school flavors - —is back on the market and bottled by the Orca Beverage Soda Company.

O-So Orange Soda

  • Originally launched in 1946
  • It is O-So delicious!
  • Sweetened with Pure Cane Sugar
  • 12 ounce glass bottles


(No reviews yet) Write a Review