Anchor Ginger Root Beer

Anchor Root Beer

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Product Overview

"Soothing Beverage for the Traveler"

This is a tribute to all the Sea Dogs and Scallywags looking for adventure on the seas. Anchor has the sweet taste of root beer with a soothing touch of ginger to help keep you sailing all day. The Body starts out with a full ginger flavor like a good ginger ale. The ginger slowly gives way to a nice creamy root beer flavor that is very nice. The bite is strong from the ginger and an average carbonation fizz, but doesn't burn by any means and actually goes down rather smooth in the end.

  • Soothing Beverage for the Traveler
  • Sweetened with pure cane sugar
  • Produced by America's leading gourmet and vintage soda bottler
  • 12 ounce glass bottles


(No reviews yet) Write a Review