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Product Overview

Bundaberg Australian Root Beer is distinct as it comes in a unique stubby bottle with a metal pull cap. Brewed to a genuine old recipe from real sarsaparilla root, licorice root, vanilla beans and molasses, a distinctive bold taste of yesteryear. This is not a traditional America Root Beer as it has a really strong licorice flavor.

Characteristics of Bundaberg Root Beer

  • Contains real sarsaparilla root, licorice root, vanilla bean
  • Craft brewed non-alcoholic beverage
  • Product of Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
  • Sweetened with cane sugar
  • 12.7 ounce/375ml glass bottle

About Bundaberg
Bundaberg Brewed Drinks was established in 1960 in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia. The founder was Cliff Fleming who remains the chairman of the company. The proud Australian, family owned brewery has been delivering premium crafted beverages from their family-owned brewery for over 50 years. Since 2006, Bundaberg has been exporting its brewed drinks to over 32 countries around the world. There are easier ways to make soft drinks but at Bundaberg Brewed Drinks they know the truth - that real taste takes time. They use real ingredients and brew using age old techniques to extract the real flavours.

Taste the Bundaberg brewed truth for yourself!


(6 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 4
    Like Home

    Posted by BC. Rivers on Oct 8th 2023

    Great Root Beer,I produce Root Beer for personal consumption and am open minded and try to be ? Non biased,it's better that way right? But my review is my honest opinion,this is a well balanced and I'm sure many experiments took place in finding the magic mix of ingredients in order to have a great root beer,sugar is America's legal drug of choice,so carry on down the sugar path and enjoy! Wtf, enjoy life!, ok? Cheers!! Enjoy Life!!

  • 4
    No pop but a full on punch!

    Posted by Marlon N. on Oct 8th 2023

    If you're looking for root beer that tastes like the old Panda Pop's all I can say is, this isn't for you! Aussie Root Beer is thick, almost syrup like with a wonderful kick to it, full of flavour. Some people taste liquorice the most but for me it's the molasses and sarsaparilla that really shines through and ends on a lovely vanilla note.

  • 5

    Posted by Brittany K. on Oct 8th 2023

    Great quality, great taste, packaging was nice and unique the bottles are almost antiques you could keep hold of them. I'd definitely get again if the price wasn't so steep though, this seller seemed to give the most generous price that I have seen across all other sellers.

  • 5
    Familiar taste

    Posted by Alfred R. on Oct 8th 2023

    Interesting root beer, not like the stuff you get at the store. Has a familiar taste to homemade soda, the ones you make with yeast and sugar, so I enjoy it. Overall will buy again.

  • 5
    Small price to pay for goodness.

    Posted by Patrick T. on Oct 8th 2023

    An excellent root beer brew. Very good flavor and excellent finish. I am definitely buying some more of these. grateful indeed.

  • 5
    Awesome and Refreshing

    Posted by Janet D. on Oct 8th 2023

    When I first tried this root beer I actually didn't like it for some reason. Maybe it was just me and my taste was off or maybe it just grew on me, but I bought a 12-pack to try itanf after the first one, the other 11 I drank pretty fast because it definitely did grow on me. It's very refreshing and delicious and I'm now buying more after just a few days. I definitely recommend this if you like root beer but want something different than the stuff you can find at your local grocery store.