Boots Beverages Picture Show Red Hot Soda- 12 pack

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A flavor that was popular during the 1940’s and 1950’s when this brand originated. This old-time craft soda is meant to remind us that the things that add the greatest flavor to our lives are often simple. Crafted from fine ingredients, boast natural flavors, sweetened with pure cane sugar, and is caffeine and gluten free. 

  • Family owned and operated since 1930
  • Made with Texas pride in Bryan, TX
  • Caffeine and gluten free
  • Sweetened with pure cane sugar
  • 12 ounce glass bottles

About Boots Beverages

boots-kristen.jpgThe Bryan, Texas-based company was started by Boots Kristen. Boots Beverages originally began as Kristen Distributing, and has been around since 1930, offering deliciously sweet beverages for three generations. In fact, you’ll find a different Kristen relative on the label for each flavor of Boots soda with a brief description highlighting a family memory.

Today Boots Beverages is run by Boot’s son, Mark Kristen. The company tries to recreate flavors that were available back in the old picture shows of the 1950’s. People didn’t have much in those days. Getting a Dreamsicle, or going to the Picture Show, were highlights of your day, that you talked about for weeks.A small way to remember the things that add the greatest flavor to our lives are often simple.