Waynesville Soda Jerks Handcrafted Peach Soda - 12 pack

Waynesville Soda Jerks

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Product Overview

These small-batch brewed sodas, dubbed “Southern Appalachia in a bottle,” use only the finest ingredients sourced from farms throughout Western North Carolina to provide seasonal, farm fresh flavors of locally grown Peaches in an artisanal soda pop.

fresh flavors.

  • Southern Appalachia in a Bottle™
  • Handcrafted with fresh Southern Appalachian ingredients
  • Produced and Bottled in Waynesville, North Carolina
  • Sweetened with cane sugar
  • 12 ounce glass bottles

INGREDIENTS: Carbonated Filtered Water, Peach Juice, Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice, and Citric Acid.

Handpicked Peaches from KT’s Orchard & Apiary of Canton, NC

About Waynesville Soda Jerks Handcrafted Sodas & SyrupsWaynesville Soda Jerks Artisanal Appalachian Sodas
Waynesville Soda Jerks specializes in handcrafted, locally produced, artisan sodas and syrups. They make their sodas and syrups from scratch using ingredients sourced from farms throughout Western North Carolina to provide seasonal, fresh flavors. Their products are natural and simple - made from local produce, cane sugar and water. By utilizing local produce and an all-natural approach, they bring the mindset of the local food movement to the beverage market by reconnecting consumers to the source and spotlighting the quality and importance of the local agricultural economy.

Waynesville Soda Jerks is the only beverage company in the North Carolina to be certified partners of the agricultural advocacy groups: Buy Haywood, Got to be NC, and the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review