Earp's Sarsaparilla - 12 pack

Earp's Sarsaparilla

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It's what the "Gun Fight at The O.K. Corral" was really all about.
After a hard day of gun fight'n, nothing beats a real sarsaparilla. Featured on the bottle of this authentic sarsaparilla is Mike Earp, owner of Earp's Western Foods, and a descendant of Frontier Marshal Wyatt Earp, made famous by the Gunfight at O.K. Corral. This sarsaparilla has an authentic taste that will pass the taste-test of even the most seasoned cowboys and cowgirls.

Features of Earp's Sarsaparilla:

  • This American classic has a rich velvety sarsaparilla flavor with a touch of smoke
  • Made fresh every month by Orca Beverage Works at their "retro soda facility" in Mukilteo, Washington
  • Sweetened with cane sugar
  • 12 ounce glass bottles


(No reviews yet) Write a Review